Vancouver, BC

Prague in Christmas time

Rush before celebration

Once the All Saints Day and Halloween are passed, it's high time to think about...Christmas! Sounds early but we all know the crazy, tiring rush before the celebration, though planned earlier would leave you spare time to enjoy the splendid atmosphere on the Christmas market in... Prague! There is no better way to relax and at the same time fully…

Vancouver, BC

Old Town Prague

A trip to Prague is a must

Prague is the perfect way to enjoy beautiful history and culture, the best way to take this all in is to slowly plod through the old town and meander through the old side streets. The maze like alleyways will have you lost in the beauty of Prague, with the old cobbled streets and little hidden gems it will be the perfect way to spend a day or…

Vancouver, BC

Beautiful Prague, Czech Republic

The best of Europe

Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. It is also the historical capital of Bohemia. Prague is the fifth most visited European city after London, Paris, Istanbul and Rome. Since 1992, the historic centre of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. On the south-east corner of the Wenceslas Square,…

Vancouver, BC

Whiskey Life Prague 2015

150 bourbons and whiskeys

Prague has always been a great place to visit, a beautiful and very alive city with great drinking options, this time it's not about beer, it's about whiskey! This year starting on the sixth of November, it will be the third edition, Whiskey Life 2015. For two day everyone will be able to taste and buy a vast range of whisky for minimum prices,…

Vancouver, BC

The best beer in Europe

Beautiful people in Prague

Prague has a beauty that's compared with Paris, but there is so much more than just a romantic beauty and great beer. Well, let's chat about beer's culture in this city, it's pretty much God in here, bars and pubs are so comfy and easy going, that by replacing beer mat, you will order a beer, no words are needed. The best beer in the world come…

Vancouver, BC

Prague, weirdness in equal measures

Elegance of art and come of the finest brews

The last month of Summer, waiting for you to discover the best vacation destination of all for the last minute of rest...Prague promises Parisian style beauty, great beer and the most welcoming people you will ever meet. Czech Republic has been around since 1993 only as an independent country, and, yes, it has achieved a lot in this short period,…

Vancouver, BC

Prague, Jewel in the Crown

Stunning buildings and lovely old squares

Czech Republic is pretty impressive, considering that it has been around only since 1993, it's a marvelous place, where history not just show, it becomes real...the castles will amaze like no other place on the planet, those are many, all sizes, illuminating the true stories and the power that comes with years from each family and individuals whose…

Vancouver, BC

Ball and parades from Middle Ages

Bohemian Carnevale in Prague

In terms of beauty, Prague can easily compare with Paris, with years it has become a hotspot of Europe, visitors from all around the world have felt in love with it, Prague mixes it all the present and past with the spectacle of stone bridge, built back in 14th Century. If only you can appreciate, you will be sharing the world wide famous…


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